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I prefer the term "life captures" to portraits, going beyond the "say cheese" poses to bring out the personality of my clients.

I live in Dallas, Texas where I have had 3 Gallery showings at Zhen's Music and Art Institute. I have also had an exhibition in San Antonio, as well as in Paris, France. I am the staff photographer at the Centre du Marais Paris-Danse.  

One of my street photographs was selected 1st prize in 2015 in a contest for Street Photography in Dallas.  

My travels take me all around the world, where I immerse myself into the streets in order to capture those fleeting moments.

January 2016 found me in New York as the personal photographer for Joe Dallesandro from the Andy Warhol Studio, and Jane Birkin.

My works hang all over the world, including New York, Boston, Dallas, San Antonio, Colorado, Paris, Lyon, and Beijing.

I can customize any picture to suit your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact me.






Dallas, Texas                          December 2013  Zhen Music and Art Institute

Dallas, Texas                          November 2014  Zhen Music and Art Institute

San Antonio, Texas                 September 2015  Foto Septiembre / Josephs

Paris, France                           November  2015  Centre de la Danse du Marais

Dallas, Texas                          December  2015  Zhen Music and Art Institute


Paris, France                           March  2016  Centre de la Danse du Marais  (coming)

San Antonio, Texas                 September  2016  Foto Septiembre / Josephs


I thank you for visiting my portfolio.