Zenfolio | David Rubin Photography | Pricing


                                              Session Fee  $250

PACKAGE P $300 4x6     5x7 x4
    8x10   8x12 x4
PACKAGE Q $600 4x6      5x7 x10
    8x10    8x12 x10
PACKAGE R $1200 4x6      5x7 x20
    8x10    8x12 x25
    16x20  16x24 x2
SINGLES $35 4x6      5x7  
  $75 8x10    8x12  
  $150 11x14  11x16  
  $195 16x20  16x24  
  $295 24x30  24x36  
canvas, metal, acrylic and larger sizes upon request      



Number of Headshots   Price per Person Set-Up
Single in Studio   $150 none
Multiple in Studio   $100 none
5-10    On Site   $100 $200
11-20  On Site   $75 none
21-30  On Site   $60 none
31-50  On Site   $50 none
Groups (2+ people)   $100 per final image none if added to above
Licensing Fees Upon Request      
Fine Art Priced Upon Request